Memories of the journey

20140711_100540The picture shown here is inside library discussion room.


This the structure of first level in library. The place is fully equipped with small meeting areas , free wifi and self service book lending.


This the receptionist area of kmc.


This is another section of level one in library area. As you can see the structure of place and how they conduct meetings and discussions.



This picture shows the levels of kmc building.

20140711_114955This is the museum area in kmc.


This is the area where they display money notes from all the countries.Its a huge collection and they cover whole world.


This is special for me because this note is belong to where i come from. Sri Lanka 500.00 rupees.


These are some ancient coins which you can view in different section of the museum.


Visit to Bank Negara Malaysia.

Our journey started early in the morning from the starting point of nilai KTM to Bank negara KTM (11/07/14). We reached bank negara KTM around 10am in the morning. From bank negara KTM to the knowledge management center we walked about 500m. The Kmc staff  well comes all of us to their center with pleasure.


In here you can see our crew who participate for the trip. In second row first right corner our lovely lecturer is trying to give a pose.

Bank negara definition of KM

The discipline and process of creating value by the explicit and systematic management of BNM”S knowledge assets.

Discipline may include : Formulating the right km strategy and policy and procedure to enhance km culture.

Process may include : Identify , acquiring , capturing , analyzing , managing and seeking upon explicit and tacit knowledge of the bank.



IMAG0021 ***************** Pictures captured inside the library and museum *****************

The learning outcomes of journey

The learning out comes of this visit is to grab the idea of how the kmc works in reality, how it effects on improving the organization as well as the importance of share knowledge with individuals. Once we entered kmc the staff guided us to their theater for present their organization structure.

They have talked about the their knowledge based organization strategy and initiatives related to banking sector. The vision of kmc is to develop the bank as a knowledge based organization of excellence. while kmc is interconnected to Bank negara malaysia (BNM) as central bank , its mission is to commit to excellence in promoting monetary and financial system stability and fostering a sound and progressive financial sector, to achieve sustained economic growth for the benefit of the nation.


************************ Out side view of sasana Kijang ****************************